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Investment in new environmentally-friendly wall materials, optional steam-free air block equipment

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Under the requirements of domestic wall innovation and construction industry to implement energy conservation, environmental protection, waste disposal and land-saving development, the steam-free aerated block will become the leading product of wall materials in the future. This product has been widely used in construction and inspection. Approved by the construction department, the popularity in the market is increasing and it is highly praised.
The superior performance of the steam-free aerated block: a kind of cement, river sand, foaming agent and water as raw materials, adding a variety of admixtures, scientifically prepared, fully stirred, mixed and high-pressure foamed The new environmental protection wall material has the advantages of high strength, light weight and low price, and has the advantages of thermal insulation, good sound absorption performance, thermal conductivity and low water absorption. The steam-free aerated block is a unique new type of wall material. The scientific and technological products have changed the structural image of the past "beam thick, column fertilizer, deep foundation", and the steam-free aerated brick completely reversed the backward operation mode of the construction workers in the past "one brick and two bends", and no steaming and aerating block Strongly promote the process of wall reform in China.
Features of steam-free aerated block equipment:
Small investment and flexible specifications. The investment in aerated concrete traditional equipment needs more than 10 million yuan, and the simple production also has 6 million yuan. The foamed concrete (free steaming and aerating block equipment) automatic small-scale 200 cubic scale production also has several hundred thousand yuan, more money and less money can be done, the investment scale can be arbitrarily selected from several hundred thousand yuan to more than one million yuan, very flexible , can be self-employed or enterprise production.
The steam-free aerated block equipment is effective, and the equipment can be assembled after half a month of assembly. The income will be visible in the month, and the return of the traditional aerated concrete equipment will take many years.
The steam-free aerated block equipment is flexible and easy to implement. Foamed concrete can not only produce blocks, but also can be cast on site. It can be produced by fixed production line or mobile production, and the quality of workers is not high. Anyone who can train for 3-5 days can do it easily.
The steam-free aerated block equipment can be used in one machine, with many products, large market coverage, and easy replacement of products. Using a production line, you can change the product by changing different molds. How many kinds of molds there are, how many kinds of products there are, and there is no need to change equipment.
The steam-free aerated block equipment can produce ultra-light products. The current density of aerated concrete is mostly 500-700kg/m3.500 kg/m3. It is difficult to produce, and less than 300 kg/m3 is not available, while foamed concrete can produce ultra-low 200-300 kg/m3. Density blocks, such ultra-low density products are not produced by aerated concrete.
The blocks produced by testing the steam-free foamed concrete aerated block equipment meet the relevant national standards. The weight is 560KG/M3, the thermal conductivity is 0.06-0.08W/(m.k), and the pressure is 3.5-5Mpa. It has the characteristics of fireproof, soundproof, heat insulation, heat preservation, moisture proof and light weight.
The steam-free aerated block equipment has good quality, high strength, light weight, heat preservation, water resistance, sound insulation and non-combustibility, and meets various performance requirements of wall materials.
Compared with other wall materials, the blocks produced by the steam-free aerated block equipment have less investment, high output and short cycle.
The steam-free aerated block equipment has low cost and high output value profit. In addition, the use of fly ash lightweight wall material can increase the use area, reduce the building weight, facilitate installation, high construction efficiency, and does not require heating, casting or steaming in production.
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