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Brush it a few times? Correct coating method for home improvement paint

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Paintpaintingisanindispensablepartofthehousedecoration.Correctandorderlypaintcanmakeyourhome"beautifulandcharming".Howshouldthewallpaintbebrushedandbrushedseveraltimes? Homeimprovementpaintbrushingste
Paint painting is an indispensable part of the house decoration. Correct and orderly paint can make your home "beautiful and charming". How should the wall paint be brushed and brushed several times?
Home improvement paint brushing step one: preparation
Be sure to do a good job of protecting the home before painting. Wrap the floor, doors, windows and furniture with newspapers, cardboard, etc. to avoid soiling during the painting process.
Home improvement paint brushing step two: color
Calculate the area of ​​the wall to be painted in each room, corresponding to the matching color, the color requirements must strictly control the materials of various colors, so that the color reaches the best state.
Home improvement paint brushing step three: first construction
First apply the primer, the primer can strengthen the adhesion of the base part of the wall and the topcoat, then brush the topcoat. The construction of the topcoat should start from the chandelier and finally reach the wall. Generally, roller coating is used. The roller brush with different thickness and thickness is applied by applying the primer twice a time.
Home improvement paint painting step four: second construction
The second construction is a brush, which is more delicate than the roller brush. It is mainly to repair the details of the first construction. After the paint is dried, it needs to be polished to make the wall surface free. , smoother and smoother.
How many times do home improvement paint brushes?
In summary, the general home improvement paint brush 3-4 times, primer 1 series, topcoat 2-3 times.
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