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What are the main factors affecting the decorative process of architectural coatings?

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The ideal decorative effect of architectural coatings depends not only on the excellent performance of the coating, but also on the scientific construction techniques and techniques to achieve the intended purpose. Otherwise, the excellent performance of the coating itself is difficult to fully exert. Therefore, construction technology is a crucial factor affecting the quality of decoration engineering.
There are many factors affecting the decoration process, mainly in the following aspects.
(l) Environmental conditions for the use of paints Whether indoors or outdoors, whether it is a room or a kitchen or bathroom where water is often encountered, it is necessary to select a suitable paint according to different parts. At the same time, the construction process should also be different, especially for the grassroots treatment should adopt different methods and measures.
(2) Architectural decoration effect The decorative effect of the paint is mainly reflected in three aspects: texture, color and luster. 1 Texture is the characteristic feeling of materials, such as thick and thin, plane and three-dimensional. 2 Color is the most attractive issue in the decorative effect, the color of the paint reflects the artistic style of a building. The color effect is not only related to the design, but also closely related to the construction process. Therefore, in order to get the ideal paint color effect, design and construction can work together to complete. Colors have different personalities. Different colors have a certain effect on people's psychology and physiology. Therefore, the choice of color is to study the psychological effect of color on people. Through the change of light, people can get some special feelings and reach the expected atmosphere. 3 gloss is the physical properties of the coating. In the architectural decoration, different parts have different requirements for gloss, and high-gloss parts are required. The construction process has more stringent requirements, and it is more difficult than the general construction process.
(3) Decorative grade and economic cost Different buildings have different decorative requirements, so different types of architectural coatings should be used. It goes without saying that the level of decoration is closely related to the economic cost. Different decorative grades have different requirements for construction technology and quality acceptance specifications. Quality requirements such as color and brushing of general-grade paints, mid-range paints or high-grade paints should be different.
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