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Special paints have to pay attention to in the dilution

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Thefollowingpointsshouldbenotedinthedilutionofspecialcoatings: 1.Whendiluting,theamountofdiluentshouldnotexceed20%oftheweight.Ifitisexceeded,thecoatingwillbetoothin,sothatitwillfloworexposewhenitispai
The following points should be noted in the dilution of special coatings:
1. When diluting, the amount of diluent should not exceed 20% of the weight. If it is exceeded, the coating will be too thin, so that it will flow or expose when it is painted.
2. The self-modulating anti-rust primer should be used immediately and should not be used for a long time.
3. If there are too many pigments in the paint, it is more viscous and inconvenient to use. It is necessary to add the same varnish to stir evenly, and add less diluent as much as possible, because too much diluent will affect the performance of the film.
4. It should be diluted with the specified diluent when diluting the special coating.
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